The gold-plated medal for the winners of the World Championships 2013

Maria Avramidou

Mrs. Avramidou is an A referee in the World Championship

Greek National Coach

Dr. Dimitrios Bakirtzis

He is our Tournemant Doktor.

For the Refeeres he will held a first aid test seminar.

Summer camp in Athen

World Class Pro fighter and World Champion ISKA and WKU Stathis Benov confirm by the summer camp in Athen

his fight by the pro show event on the 25th 10.2013 in Crete WKU World Championships.


Klaus Nonnemacher WKU President, Stathis Benov,  Stelios Politis WKU Greece, coach Babis Papadopoulos and star fighter Stathis Benov.

Moviestar Matthias Hues Info zur WM 2013 Kreta

Zhao-Feng Du Info zur WM 2013 Kreta

Cengiz Koc Info zur WM 2013 Kreta

Dr.Christine Theiss Info zur WM 2013 Kreta

Don Wilson at the WKU World Championship in Greece

Be there at the great historic WKU World Championships in Greece !
I will be there and very happy to meet you in Person.

Don the Dragon Wilson
11 time World Champion & Action Movie Star
Hall of Fame Member

We know his excellent pictures of the world championship in Karlsruhe and Edinburgh. As today was confirmed top photographer Tom Kohler will also provide again in Greece for sporty, emotional and action-loaded pictures. We are glad tremendously!!


We would like to inform you about upcoming WKU Worldchampionship 2013.

Here are the basic details of the event:


The ruling body of comba sports in the world






Greece/Crete in cooperation with WCKO, WKU, FFAA, GCO, Karatekollegium




Pointfighting, Light Contact, Karate, Forms, Full Contact, Thai Boxing, Kickboxing (K-1 rules), MMA

Date:20.10.2013 - 26.10.2013

Webpage: www.greece-2013.com


Promoter / Veranstalter: GCO/WKU Headquarter                        

Greece Stelios Politis

Phone: +30 697 4430986
E-Mail: stelios@zenfightingclub.gr

Klaus Nonnemacher

Phone: +49 (0)721-497166
Fax: +49 (0)721-9430773
Web: www.gcoworld.com

Email: president(at)gcoworld.com                    

Email: office(at)gcoworld.com


Communication and online registration E-mail: office(at)gco-registration.com

For more details of the WKU WC 2013 please contact your WKU country representative.


Kind regards

Klaus Nonnemacher

GCO/WKU World President